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 Suggestion/glitch/bug report topic

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Suggestion/glitch/bug report topic Empty
PostSubject: Suggestion/glitch/bug report topic   Suggestion/glitch/bug report topic EmptySun Jul 15, 2012 7:27 pm

So this topic is ment so everyone who has any reports about the new source, post here you're reports!

I know I have made a topic before, but this one is kinda more oregnized and ment for everyone to post their reports/suggestions.

I have prepared some of the reports myself.

Remember, that I havent found everything on this source, so there might be some updates. Smile


  • Kinda too hard, but It's your decision to make, stay as it is or make it easier.
  • Law runes and Death runes give the same amount of exp.
  • Water and Cosmic rune altars are not spawned.
  • Astral alter dosen't work (clicks on it dosent make craft runes)


  • There are no courses - the reason why agility is not an active skill.


  • A bit too hard, should be balanced with farming. (I'm 91 farming and 65 herblore. That's not balanced.)
  • Making "unfinished" potions dosen't give you exp. (Not sure if they should)
  • There are no 2nd ingredients to make a finished potion.


  • Too easy, especially if you get 100m when achieving 99 thieving.
  • The time between the next "steal" should be a bit longer, because it's too easy by using two stalls in the time.


  • Crafting vambs, chaps or bodys from dragonhides, it always gives the same exp. For example - 3440 exp per black hide vambs, chaps and body.


  • There are tasks within monsters that haven't even spawned, like goblins.


  • Too slow.
  • The imps aren't respawning, so the skill is impossible.


  • Smithing an addy square shield you get a dragon kiteshield, wich looks like a null.


  • Too hard.
  • The lobsters give 3k exp, but sworfish - 1k? o.O


  • Too frikkin hard. Shrimps give like 30exp each..


  • Too easy.
  • By doing firemaking and burning the logs, it's possible to noclip glitch anywhere.


  • I don't think that torstol seeds should be 465k each.
  • There should be a bank/bob shop in charbery less far from the farming patches.

Now about random glitches/bugs. :

  • Fix the teleportation emotion or whatever it is, because when you tele somewhere, you stand there doing nothing for 2 seconds instead the character should be doing tele emotion.
  • The run+option is fu*ked up. If you click on a ore, it will start picking only if you manually run to it.
  • Can't buy anything that is for 1gp.
  • The "Vote 4 points" button dosen't open the vote log.
  • Almost every magic has the "code" writen after it's name when you right click it. For example, "Cast Hunter Kit, 30099"
  • Frost dragons are nocliping. (Maybe other monsters too, don't know for sure.)
  • There are two altars at home. Would be best to leave only one.
  • The KDR deaths should be counting after other player kills you, not after you get killed by a monster.
  • There should inserted some rewards at the slayer guy.
  • Pk tab seems that it dosent work and it's fuc*ed up.
  • Hiscores are not working, I think they are showing the previous sources scores.
  • There are no ( e ) bolts that do their special attack. Like ruby bolts (e), arent doing their job, by hitting 800s.
  • 3 man follow (circle) - by that is able of walking on water etc. Kinda nocliping.

P.s Michael, sorry for upsetting you, buut you have a lot of work to do. Very Happy

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Suggestion/glitch/bug report topic
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