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 Asads appliactaion

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PostSubject: Asads appliactaion   Asads appliactaion EmptyThu Jul 26, 2012 7:09 pm

- Real Name -

Asad Jalib__________________

- Ingame Name? -


- Age -


- Gender -


- Country -

______________Ontario, Canada____________________

- Do you have experience being staff? -

___Yes sir i do i was admin of a private server called imperial scape until it crashed_________________

- How Long can you be on Per Day -

_______Im on all day unless i go out Razz so expect 5-10 hours a day_______________

- How Long have you been playing? -

_________Not too long but ill be on constantly becuase i love this server! But ive been here for half a month

- Why should you be Chosen (explain) -

_I love helping people and i can support many new players with getting going on their bulletscape account. Im on a whole lot so i can be there if anyone ever needs anything. Im not so big on being rich so i dont have a problem with giving my stuff away to new guys or to people that need it more than i do. I can bring a lot of people into the game i have a a somewhat large youtube account with one thousand two hundred subscirbers and now 21000 views. I can make a video for bulletscape and get a lot of people in the game. Ill try my best as mod and hoefuly higher in the future. _________________________________

- Other Information -

Ive already brought in my little brother razi into the game and like i said my youtube accounts are PakiSwag01, ItzThatPaki and now PakiTvOfficial. I really would like to be ranked higher than a mod so i can explore its advantages and help as many as i can to my full potential! Thats pretty much it, thanks for reading it all Very Happy
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Asads appliactaion
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