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Da ii
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PostSubject: Barrows tele   Barrows tele EmptySun Aug 12, 2012 10:02 pm

Everytime that I try to tele to barrows using mini games tele under the ancient magiks I get tele'd to corp......... And now I've just found out it wont even work when using normal magics... Don't know what has happened. I managed to get to barrows earlier on...

Barrows tele 9097212

Is life just a repeat
You're given breath, you find love then you lose it all
Death crawls in at every corner as if he were a stalker
Blood dripping from his teeth as if it were crimson colored water
His red peircing eyes as freightning as the sound of,
A thousand tortured cries of the innocent,
Echoing through the darkness of night
This is when you hold on to anyone you know
This is when you hang on to everyone you meet
This is where you pass them the blame,
Almost as if you were taking back your fame
You learn to always retreat,
Just before you'd have to face defeat
Now you're afraid of taking chances
This is where death starts to plot his advances
Death has you right where he wants you
Death now has every advantage,
You lay down at his feet and submittingly take defeat.
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Barrows tele
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