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 suggestions (sinjiinryu)

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suggestions (sinjiinryu) Empty
PostSubject: suggestions (sinjiinryu)   suggestions (sinjiinryu) EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 11:26 am

hello sinjiinryu here

well the first suggestion i want to make is adding kbd (king black dragon)
it can drop dfh(dragon full helm) , visage , dragon spear , god sword shards ,etc.

second suggestion is to add mad mummy and angry goblin.
they can drop the likes of penance items and g mauls.

my third and final suggestion is to add revenants.
the revenants can drop PVP armour for people who dont know what pk armour is , it is the like of vesta , zuriels , statius , morrigans
so i was wondering if revenants can drop those but like revenant hell hounds will drop them for 1-100 drop ratio

revenant demons 1-75

revenant beasts or whatever :s 1-50

revenant warriors 1-40

please post back too see if they are good.

from sinjiinryu
respected member of bullet-scape.
played for 2 years straight
advertised bullet-scape on 18 different servers.
made bullet-scape videos but now all gone

[color=red][/colorbullet-scape is my favourite server
never quitting.]
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Forum Mod
Forum Mod

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suggestions (sinjiinryu) Empty
PostSubject: Re: suggestions (sinjiinryu)   suggestions (sinjiinryu) EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 1:27 pm

DFH, Gmauls, and Dspears are in shop. Shards are useless. Bork drops pvp armor. Chests drop penance items

Only idea there that's good is to add KBD, but give it custom items for it to be useful.

Thanks for your suggestions though, every suggestion is appreciated by our coders.

suggestions (sinjiinryu) Dulopa12f08
Certified Ethical Hacker.
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The Blake Club

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suggestions (sinjiinryu) Empty
PostSubject: Re: suggestions (sinjiinryu)   suggestions (sinjiinryu) EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 3:47 pm

Carlo i need u on xat:D seems like ur on atm soo
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suggestions (sinjiinryu) Empty
PostSubject: Re: suggestions (sinjiinryu)   suggestions (sinjiinryu) Empty

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suggestions (sinjiinryu)
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