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 some suggestions

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Rune gt7

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some suggestions Empty
PostSubject: some suggestions   some suggestions EmptyMon Oct 22, 2012 7:11 am

*we need to have more safes spots than just edgeville
*we also need row to be coded correctly so we can teleport to the G.E
*we should have nex's defense reduced (eythan21's idea)
*swift gloves spec needs to be fixed on nex (eythan21's idea)
*the shortcut to the G.E should be fixed
*the slayer towers second set of steps always glitches
*it is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to easy to get rares rares should be removed from S.O.F unless the probability of getting one lowers 1/100 or something
*the hit generator should be changed to P.I.D hit generator
*all pk armor needs to be added and if you can raise its price in pk shop so they can be non degradable
*gwd is broken bandos sara zamorak and armadyl do not spawn at all please fix
*we don't know how to fix torva
*everyone knows dung is bugged
*duel arena is bugged
*on double death loot does not appear
that is all i cant say for right now before i head out to school...i hope this helps
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some suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Re: some suggestions   some suggestions EmptySat Oct 27, 2012 11:47 am

thanks for giving me creadit on my idea Razz and also
*when you die you cant speak to death to be able to get back you have to relog and teleport.
i agree with the price change i think it should be around the 50-60 pkp a peice since the old price was passed on the items degrading. (im guessing)

some suggestions LAl6M
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some suggestions
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