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 Massive changes to Bullet-Scape!

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Massive changes to Bullet-Scape! Empty
PostSubject: Massive changes to Bullet-Scape!   Massive changes to Bullet-Scape! EmptyThu Nov 15, 2012 11:32 pm

Hello, I will start off first by introducing myself to those who don't know me. I am Mod Danny the newest addition but oldest staff member of bullet-scape. And with me coming back we will also be introducing a new owner! So now lets get to the changes that will be occurring!

1.New Owner!
Yep you heard right, we have a new owner! Michael is no longer with us and replacing him is Owner Naxion. Owner Naxion will be making a post introducing himself.( trust me this is a good thing)

2.New staff team

Owner Naxion has decided that apart from being organized we will also be organizing a new staff team. We will be opening up a section for application to be on the staff team. Our expectations will be high so a application that is not properly formatted will just be skipped. (goodluck)

3.More coding!

Owner Naxion along with Co-owner Etcetera Will be focusing on coding so please any bugs or glitches you may find pm one of them. We will be rewarding people for glitches/bugs that are reported and fixed (if severe enough). This reward system will be used to attract more people to report them.

4.New Forums

We will either be reformatting these forums or be just plain out starting a whole new forums. We will expect activity from staff and have more ranks along with it and hope that clans in game will be looking forward to having their own private sections on forums (high ranked clans).

There will be much much more coming to you, so keep updating with our announcements and keep an eye on forums for future events we might hold be sure to stay tuned on all the new updates and overall just have fun!

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PostSubject: Re: Massive changes to Bullet-Scape!   Massive changes to Bullet-Scape! EmptyFri Nov 16, 2012 1:55 am

Yes thank-you Danny for the wonderful intro,

to whom this may concern I am changing the forums by Saturday we will have new forums may I say they look stunning in my opinion I hope you will enjoy them.

Hello everyone I am the new owner
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Massive changes to Bullet-Scape!
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